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General Practitioner Vacancy

Cloncurry, Near Mt Isa

North West Queensland (QLD)

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Flinders Medical Centre are seeking a permanent GP/SMO for their Medical Practice in the iconic outback Queensland town of Cloncurry, near Mt Isa. With strong support from Rural Health Management Services and the local mining industry, this surgery is seeking to expand their services to meet strong expected growth in the local mining workforce.

Flinders Medical Centre

4/27 Ramsay Street

Cloncurry QLD 4824


Fulltime Permanent GP/SMO



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The town of Cloncurry had been the subject of several studies both by James Cook University and Health Workforce Qld. Cloncurry experienced many years of poor medical services and both organisations had previously put forward potential models of medical services.


In early 2004, Dr Sheilagh Cronin started doing locum relief work in Cloncurry. After experiencing and reviewing the state of the medical services, Dr Cronin, along with Dr Bryan Connor and Chris Appleby (Practice Manager), decided to build a medical practice based on the findings of these research studies. Their  aim was to establish an academic practice that provided a teaching environment for young doctors, as a long term strategy to recruit doctors to work in Cloncurry primarily and rural Australia in general. To further this aim, Dr Cronin and her husband purchased a commercial property in Cloncurry which was modified to incorporate a modern, purpose built six consulting room practice with facilities to deal with minor trauma, skin surgery and occupational medicine.


Today Flinders Medical Centre is a busy training practice of 5 doctors and a friendly support staff, practice nurses and visiting Allied Health practitioners. The surgery has recently been awarded a grant by Glencore Mining and will commence extension of the existing practice to support additional Allied Health Workers, 4 nursing bays, a dedicated nursing room for work place medical procedure testing, care planning and cycle of care for our community. Construction will commence September/October.  


As Doctor Cronin reduces her practice as part of her succession plan, Rural Health Management Services have taken on the management of the practice, Dr Leonie Fromberg and Dr Cameron Hoare, two past registrars of the practice, have stayed on and taken on the roles of Senior supervisor and supervisor respectively. They in turn will take over ownership from Rural Health Management Services within the next few years.


Flinders Medical Centre and Cloncurry Hospital provide a vital medical service to the region. For many years they have been the only available medical services along the 900 km stretch of the Flinders Highway from Mt Isa through to Townsville. Clocurry Hospital is well supported by the RFDS for any urgent repatriation of patients to the larger coastal hospitals. 


The building is owned privately and leased by the North West Hospital and Health Service to support right of private practice.


The practice currently has 4 consult rooms a large fully equipped procedure /nursing room, a bleeding room, disabled toilet facilities, reception and waiting room. Three additional consult rooms are currently rented to QML and Allied Health professionals. These include optometrist, mental health nurse, diabetic nurse educator, physiotherapist and podiatrist.  We also have a Practice Managers room, kitchen and staff WC.


The practice operates from 8.30am – 5pm daily. The practice is closed on the weekends and public holidays. The practice currently has three supervisor doctors and two registrars, along with 2 regular visiting supervisors. Doctors share their time and on call roster and usually have up to 6 hours in the practice each day, dependant on on-call responsibilities at the hospital. The practice is fully computerised using Best Practice and conducts regular research and data collection in collaboration with the NWPHN, utilising PEN Cat too. The practice also has online bookings via Health Engine.


A fully equipped treatment room is on site with three new bays to be integrated into the practice on completion of the renovations.  Treatment room has the most up to date equipment 12 lead ECG, Spirometry, diathermy & Defibrillator.


Reception is managed by a Senior Reception staff member and three additional reception staff. The reception uses Best practice for all administration duties. 


The practice is ably staffed by a qualified Registered nurse and Aboriginal Health assistant and supported monthly by Mental Health Nurse visits. 


Allied Health Services i.e. Physiotherapist, Diabetic Health Nurse, Optometrist, Podiatrist, and others, work from the practice or are available in the community as visiting services.


The practice is fully equipped with Telehealth facilities and incorporates specialist consultants on a regular basis. A significant range of specialist services are also available in Mt Isa 120km away. Additional services are available in Townsville and Brisbane. The RFDS provides year round coverage for any emergencies. 


The practice has on site QML Pathology facility nurses and testing happens daily in Mt Isa. X-ray services are available through Cloncurry hospital.


The doctors have full access to quality equipment to provide: skin cancer screening, excisions, plastering, medicals and other minor 

procedures. There is a considerable demand for workplace medicals and aircraft medicals from the mining industry who currently employ 

over 500 people in the community.


The population of Cloncurry is approximately 2700, about 28% of which are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. 

Males represent about 56% of the local population and the major industry in the region is mining. 


The practice is mixed billing: 50% Private Patients and 50% Bulk billed. There is a considerable number of private workplace medicals and 

aircraft medicals completed in the practice to cater for the mining community. 


Appointments are normally booked at 15 minutes, 30 Minutes for a new patient and 45 minutes for a procedure. Our doctors see up to 4/5 patients per hour, depending on content. Care Planning we allocate up to 45 minutes to cater for consult with both nurse and doctor. 

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Cloncurry, in north west Queensland, is approximately 120km east of Mount Isa. With a population of over 2700, Cloncurry supports new and well established pastoral, transport, mining and tourism industries. Cloncurry is well connected to the East Coast with direct flights to Townsville and Brisbane. With an estimated population of 3394 in 2008, Cloncurry Shire is the only major rural activity centre in the North West region. 



Cloncurry was effectively created by one man: Ernest Henry. Although he came to the district planning to find good grazing land he found copper, established the Great Australian Mine, and built and operated a hotel and a general store. As a result the town became the most important transportation centre in Western Queensland. Cloncurry was the destination for the first regular Qantas flight. John Flynn established his first Flying Doctor Base in the town. And the local airport was a vital link with Europe and was used by the US Air Force during World War II. It would now be the most important centre in Western Queensland if it wasn't for the development of Mount Isa.

Cloncurry has a proud pioneering history and is the birthplace of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Queensland School of the Air. 



The town has good access to rail and road networks as well as government-subsidised air, long distance coach and long distance rail services. Residents have access to a range of general and specialist health; education (to Grade 12); family services; modern sport and recreation facilities. 


Economy and employment 

The town of Cloncurry is serviced by a mixture of employment from Mining to Farming to Administration. Today the town - with its interesting museums and historic connections with copper and uranium mining - remains important because it is located at the junction of the major roads from Townsville, the Gulf, Winton, Longreach, and Mount Isa.  Cloncurryis located 1,704 km North West of Brisbane via Longreach, 784 km west of Townsville, 125 km east of Mount Isa and 189 m above sea-level. 

Cattle and mining provide the economic base for the town. The local mining industry generates employment in associated industries including transport, manufacturing, construction, accommodation and services. 


Growth opportunities and key challenges

Over the next 20 years, Cloncurry has the potential to grow through the expansion of industries including fabrication and construction. Some of the Ernest Henry mine workforce is housed in the town. Expansion and further exploration in mineral processing is also probable, given the number of mineral reserves identified to the north and south of the town. Opportunities to develop and exploit renewable energy resources such as solar and geo-thermal may also present in the future, providing energy for local and possibly national networks. 

Population growth will be influenced by the workforce arrangements of mining industries. Previous industry trends have shown a prevalence of fly-in and fly-out work arrangements in the region. Attracting and retaining mining staff and families remains a challenge for the local community and government. Increasing the resident population will remain dependent on the provision of adequate infrastructure including roads, water, sewerage, residential land and housing, as well as access to social services. The need to sustain or increase the level of services in Cloncurry will depend on population change associated with mining expansion, the workforce arrangements of these industries and new mining developments in both Mount Isa and Cloncurry.


The Mary Kathleen Memorial Park and Museum
Cloncurry Court House
Cloncurry Post Office
The Great Australian Mine
Mount Elliott Company Metallurgical Plant and Mill
John Flynn Place Museum and Art Gallery
Qantas and the Cloncurry Airport
Mary Kathleen - Ghost Town


Solid emergency skills within a Queensland Health system along with sound General Practice, nursing home and an interest in indigenous health. Doctor will be required to undergo credentialing with Queensland Health. 


The vacancy has become available due to the promotion of one of our doctors and the increase in population within the community. 


The incoming general practitioner will be required to share on-call responsibilities at Cloncurry Hospital on a 1 in 3 basis. The position is a Level 13 SMO with right to general practice. On-call shifts are usually 2o hours in duration. Remuneration is based on an SMO rate, paid as part time with on call and recall allowances, as well as overtime. Our current doctors continue to see patients at the surgery on a walk in basis whilst on call but it is entirely at the discretion of each doctor.


Will be discussed at interview. 12 month contracts are available or permanent part / time.


This position is fully supported with a solid enthusiastic community minded clinical team working alongside you. This is a teaching practice with registrars and next year will have interns on site.  We also facilitate Nursing and medical students. 


Anne Schmidt

Practice Support


Flinders Medical Centre

4/27 Ramsay Street

Cloncurry QLD 4824

Phone:  (07) 4742 2233

Mobile: 0400 242 644


Posted: 7th September 2018

Position Reference:  DY17086

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