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Torquay, South Barwon, VIC

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Surf Coast Home Doctor

Position Type:

Full or Part time permanent mobile home visiting doctor

Surgery Overview:

Surf Coast Home Doctor is an accredited innovative GP service bringing the Doctor back to the family and is the first service of its kind in Australia. Established in 2012, we provide a home-based GP service that is advantageous to both the patient and the GP. It enables patients to avoid leaving the house when they are feeling at their worst or waiting in GP clinics for long periods, worrying about being exposed to further illnesses. The GPs get to see patients in their home environment and become a traditional family GP again. This helps aid management decisions and, from our experience to date, both patients and GPs prefer this method of healthcare delivery. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, convenient, outstanding, skilled, up to date, medical care to the Surf Coast community. We aim to treat all of our patients with compassion, respect & dignity, listen to their needs without judgement and provide a high standard of professional care in a confidential manner and with a holistic approach. By always putting our patients first and listening and communicating effectively with them we can respond appropriately to their individual needs and ensure their peace of mind.

Job Description:

Surf Coast Home Doctor is seeking the service of VR general practitioners for our home visit service, operating between Jan Juc and Grovedale in the Torquay region of Victoria. We also have the capacity and patient demand to expand into other areas such as Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula or the Surf Coast Region for doctors who are interested. Our current primary operating area is in Torquay, the gateway to the Great Ocean Road, and its surrounding areas. Rather than being trapped inside a dull surgery why not spend the day travelling around this beautiful part of the country, driving along the coastal roads between patients and taking in the amazing views. For doctors living further afield, it would be a wonderful place to relocate to with your family. This role enables you to feel like a GP again, seeing patients in their own environment, getting to know the family, being there for patients when they need you the most and creating long lasting patient relationships. In our experience patients are happier, more relaxed & genuinely pleased to see our GPs. We are looking for a GP who is caring, welcoming, kind, flexible & approachable to join our team. You will be rewarded with a healthy income, much less stress in your day and greater job satisfaction. If you want to join a practice that's more than your average clinic, then we are just what you are looking for! We are currently open from Tuesday to Saturday each week but have the capacity to increase our hours to 7 days per week. The service is extremely flexible & allows you to work the hours you want (from 2 to 10 hours per day and 1to 6 days per week). We are offering a permanent contract with a flexible start date and a very competitive rate of remuneration. Based on our pricing model we believe most of our full-time GPs will earn in excess of $300k a year.

Surgery Layout:

Whilst we are predominantly a home visit service a consulting room is available in our home base which is located at our Ministry of Skin premises. Doctors can invite patients to attend the clinic for procedures not suitable in the home such as excisions or cervical screenings. A health assistant will be provided for all GPs. The health assistant’s role is to support the GP, drive the GP to home visits, collect equipment or immunisations from admin base or pharmacy, plan the routes to appointments and chaperone the consults with the GP to provide the GP with an added level of security. Doctors will be provided with a doctor’s bag and a car which is fully equipped with everything the GP can expect to need for their consultations.

Clinical Services:

Our patients are primarily families (especially families with young children), the elderly and those with disabilities. Once we start seeing one member of the family, we then end up becoming the family’s regular GP. Surf Coast Home Doctor has excellent relationships with its patients which is shown by the high level of patient loyalty that we enjoy. We have a reputation in the community as a regular GP clinic which provides a thorough and convenient home-based service, treating patients at a high clinical standard and enjoying a strong patient following. Being a popular tourist area, we also service a large number of visiting patients who are staying in the local hotels, motels, and caravan parks. This significantly increases the patient base over the summer period. Our Director and Practice Principal Dr. Taylor-Walker also owns Ministry of Skin, a luxurious skin cancer, aesthetics and wellness clinic in beautiful Torquay. There is an option available for the right candidate to also work part time as a GP, specialising in skin care and skin cancer. This role, however, will be conditional on devoting the majority of your weekly hours to our Surf Coast Home Doctor service. The most common services we provide are: Women’s health, Men’s health, Children’s health, Immunisation, Chronic disease management, Mental health and repeat scripts (we also have an online repeat script and referral service). Nursing home visits are also an option for doctors who are interested. Doctors can refer in-house to our skin and skin cancer specialists and a functional nutritionist.
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You will be supported by a Practice Principal, Practice Manager, an Office Supervisor, a Practice Nurse and highly organised receptionists who will plan your day. The practice is supported by Best Practice software which is accessible remotely at patient’s house & on the road. Our practice nurse does not normally attend home visits but is available for specific visits on request. We are not a Distribution Priority Area (DPA).

Medicare Status:

RA2 Inner Regional Area

Treatment Room:

Whilst 99% of patient consultations are conducted in the home a one bed treatment/consultation room is available for doctors to use on an adhoc basis. The treatment room is equipped for minor procedures and a practice nurse can be available if required.

Surgery Billing:

We are a Mixed Billing service. Remuneration is on a very competitive percentage of fees generated basis. We pride ourselves on being a premium service provider and a usual consult fee starts at $160. This allows us to provide a gold class service and still provide extremely attractive remuneration for our GPs. Standard gap fee per visit/house, not per patient is $60 and $40 for concession and pension card holders. All subsequent patients seen in a visit (i.e. More than one family member in the one household) will be bulk billed.


Our home visit service is growing rapidly and we are actively looking for new doctors. All our GPs find home visits much more rewarding than working within a clinic and enjoy the extra connection they get with the community. It also allows for flexibility in work hours and location of work. We are seeking GP’s to meet the increasing demand for a traditional home-based Doctor service. We believe that the right individuals for this role will bring a high level of care, professionalism, knowledge and expertise.
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Surgery Address:

160 Surf Coast Highway, Torquay VIC 3228

Contact Name:

Kylie Harrington

Phone Number:

Mobile Number:

0478 957 890
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