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General Practitioner Vacancy

Milton, Shoalhaven

New South Wales (NSW)


Milton Medical Centre is seeking the services of a permanent General Practitioner. Nestled in the idyllic town of Milton, halfway between Nowra and Batemans Bay on the South Coast of NSW, our beautifully appointed heritage surgery will make you instantly feel at home.


Milton Medical Centre

135 Princes Highway,

Milton, NSW 2538


Permanent Full Time or Part Time General Practitioner



ASAP or any time (GPs, GP/VMO) 


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Milton Medical Centre is a multidisciplinary general practice in Milton, New South Wales. The practice provides opportunities for a wide range of clinical experiences for doctors and other health professionals. Doctors at the clinic have a range of interests and subspecialties in general practice including education, skin cancer, maternity services, paediatrics and chronic disease management. Some of the doctors also participate in the work of the local hospital. This acts both as a recruitment incentive, increases the engagement of doctors in broad based care and acts as a referral source for work in the practice. The practice has been innovative in recruitment and retention of staff using a model involving training of medical students, interns and general practice registrars. By being an early innovator in medical education the practice has provided a high quality care model as well as providing a satisfying workplace for practitioners. Because of the range of doctors at different parts of their training support and assistance is available for examination preparation for RACGP & ACRRM assessment The multiple activities and relationships at Milton Medical Centre make it an attractive and vibrant place to work.



The practice is owned by Cornerstone Health. An innovative and experienced local leadership model which engages clinicians in key decisions and growth strategies for the practice.



The practice is spread over 3 adjoining buildings providing 18 consulting rooms as well as 4 operating rooms, 2 preparation rooms, 1 large nurse’s station with 2x dressing rooms, 1x stress test room, 4 waiting rooms, reception area and a staff room. There is also a large seminar/conference room with internet & A/V equipment.



Milton Medical Centre is open 7 days a week and our surgery hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: - 8:00am - 6:00pm

  • Saturday & Sunday:  8.00am-4.00pm including Public Holidays


Our practice staff are made up of: 10 GP’s, 4x nurses, 3x administration staff and 1x practice manager

Private Consultations (including skin cancer checks) are available by appointment but we also run a Bulk Billing walk-in Clinic which operates 7 days per week.

Clinical Services offered are obstetrics & gynecology, anesthetics, skin cancer treatment & screening with Molemax, cardiac stress testing as well as a wide variety of GP services.

The local hospital is just across the road from the practice which is 24 hour care A&E department 25 bed hospital.


  • Large nurses station with 3x work stations

  • Additional 4 Theatre rooms for skin cancer medicine

  • 2 dressing rooms

  • 2 blood chairs

  • Stress Testing Machine

  • Portable ECG machine & Spirometry



Our practice administration during the week is made up of 2.5x support staff,

1x 2IC and 1x Practice Manager. On weekends only 1x support staff is rostered.

Best Practice management & clinical software is used at the practice.

We are a fully paperless practice using computerised patient files

combined with electronic downloads.


  • 2x RN nurses are rostered daily Monday to Friday 1x RN rostered on weekends and public holidays.

  • 1x Diabetic educator/RN is rostered daily

  • Tuesday & Thursday RN theatre nurse is rostered

  • Friday afternoon – mid-wife/RN runs an antenatal clinic



The town and surrounding area is well supplied with allied health services both in the public & private sector. A cancer out-patients facility provides chemotherapy adjacent to the local hospital



  • Cardiologist attends the clinic once a month

  • Neurologist attends the clinic once a month 

  • A range of specialists attend the hospital or other local clinics for OP appointments

  • There is a private Endoscopy and Day Hospital in Ulladulla nearby.



X-Ray, ultrasound and CT are available in Ulladulla (6km away). BMD, Mammography, OPG, MRI nuclear medicine are also supported by South East Radiology ant nearby towns including Nowra and Batemans Bay.



Doctors at the clinic have a range of interests and subspecialties in general practice including education, skin cancer, maternity services, paediatrics and chronic disease management.



Milton Medical Centre is a group practice in rural coastal NSW with a significant population of aged & retired people. The practice treats a broad range of patients from cradle to grave! We have a public hospital with no resident specialists. Milton has a large influx in summer months of holiday residents. Our patient base covers a wide range of ages from newborn to extreme old age, with a cohort of antenatal patients & skin cancer patients. We have a small indigenous population.


Mixed billing with guaranteed bulk billing for walk in patients. Appointment patients are billed at doctors’ discretion 


  • A walk in clinic is run during all opening hours. 

  • Appointments are also offered for many practitioners with appointment times (typically 15 mins) varying based on the practitioner’s style of practice..

Patient demand is strong for the walk in clinic and appointments can be booked out days in advance for popular practitioners.


The town of Milton is situated on the South Coast of NSWabout 2-3 hours from Sydney or Canberra. It is coastal with superb surf beaches, many coastal estuaries and lakes and a hinterland which is essentially wilderness. Staff at the clinic engage in a range of activities like ocean swimming, surfing and bushwalking. It is a great area for mountain biking. There are lots of sporting clubs with great facilities for children and adults. There is a large council owned leisure centre in Ulladulla with gym, fitness classes and both indoor and outdoor pools. Some staff also attend a private gym.


The area is a tourist destination with large summer influx to camping areas and holiday rentals along the coast

A charming historic town in the Shoalhaven region, Milton will delight lovers of fine wine and good food, antique hunters and heritage admirers. A great base for bushwalkers too, as Milton is near spectacular Pigeon House Mountain, named by Captain James Cook in 1770 during his first voyage when he was a lieutenant.

Surrounded by verdant farmlands, Milton’s food and wine experiences are delectable - fresh produce, elegant wines, a microbrewery, a classic country pub, relaxing cafes and quality restaurantsSt Isidore is an award-winning restaurant featured in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide.


There are opportunities to practice a wide range of medical interests. Chronic disease, skin cancer, paediatrics, obstetric shared care, family planning and mental health all provide areas for people to have an interest.


Milton Ulladulla is a growing area. We are busy and need assistance to help see an increasing cohort of patients. It is a practice where a new doctor will be busy immediately.


Flexible terms based on the principle of a two-way street - the more the doctor offers the practice the more the practice can offer the doctor. Terms consist of competitive fee split arrangements, sign on payments and/or accommodation support and can involve practice profit share for clinicians involved in the Practice Leadership Program.


Milton Medical Centre offers a great opportunity for a GP to balance an interesting and financially rewarding clinical mix with a combined sea change and tree change lifestyle in the picturesque area of Milton/Mollymook/Ulladulla and still be less than 3 hours’ drive from Sydney and Canberra.


By Dr James Walker, Milton Medical Centre 


I graduated from my medical training in the UK in 2010 and arrived to work in Sydney soon afterwards. It’s not uncommon to hear that a UK graduate comes to work in Australia ‘for a year’ and finds themselves fully immersed in Antipodean life years later, and so it was for me. I had initially gravitated towards Emergency training and worked in the field for several years. I really enjoyed ED but I couldn’t see myself doing it forever.

I decided to switch to GP training, however since I had only completed seven years of the ten-year moratorium requirement, I needed to relocate to a rural region for the remaining three years. While I was initially reluctant to leave Sydney, I made the decision to move to Milton, a town a few hours south of Sydney.

After practicing in Milton for almost three years, I have fallen in love with the area. In fact, after my final pre-fellowship exam, I plan to continue working and living in the area for years to come. 

The practice at Milton is a friendly and fun place to be. I felt very supported by my senior colleagues when I arrived who guided me in adapting to Australian General Practice. Here I’ve had the opportunity to learn skills in Skin Cancer Surgery, lead Shared Medical Appointments, and develop my own patient base for routine General Practice work.

There is certainly a huge opportunity to see many patients in the South Coast of NSW, and to foster your own following of patients. At Milton Medical Centre, there is a lot of clinical support on site, together with a hospital just over the road and an excellent cancer care centre on our doorstep. The work is enjoyable, the team is very friendly, and you will be well remunerated for your endeavours.

Furthermore, Milton and the surrounding areas are incredibly beautiful. There are plenty of surf breaks to choose from, trails to run or bike, views to hike to, cafes to eat in and some 5 star restaurants to boot. South Coast GP is a fantastic choice.



Danny Yeomans

Yeomans Medical 

Phone: 07 5474 1660

Mobile: 0418 643 165



Posted: 15th June 2018

Position Reference:  DY17073

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