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General Practitioner Vacancy

in Rosedale, Gippsland

 Victoria (VIC)

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Rosedale Family Medical Centre is looking for a full time or part time GP to join their medical practice in Gippsland, South Eastern Victoria. Only 2 hours East of Melbourne, Rosedale is a small, quaint village set between Traralgon and Sale, on the banks of the Latrobe River.

Rosedale Family Medical Centre            

Shop 1 & 2

95 - 99 Prince Street

Rosedale, VIC 3847


Permanent – Full Time or Part Time

(3 days per week)



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Rosedale Family Medical Centre was officially opened in November 2016 by the Honourable MP Mr Darren Chester. We are a fully accredited, mixed billing practice, offering medical services to the town of Rosedale and surrounding communities. Our patients come from a diverse range of occupations, from the local agricultural and production facilities to the RAAF base in Sale. Our clinic is open Monday to Friday and staffed with three part time doctors. Our reputation in the community as friendly, helpful, thorough and efficient, is proven by our increasing new patient statistics.   


We are located on the main highway in Rosedale, with free and convenient parking. Rosedale has its own railway station, sporting facilities, primary school, school bus services, supermarket, post office, pharmacy, restaurants, local shopping and much more. Our clinic is a short 800 metre walk to the business hub of Rosedale. Broader services, including Hospitals and medical specialists, as well as a variety of business and retail opportunities are provided in the neighbouring municipalities of Traralgon and Sale. We are centrally located approximately 25 km from both, allowing patients to receive care whilst minimising travel. We also offer telehealth services.


Our staff are professional, caring and empathetic, whilst maintaining privacy standards and patient confidentiality. Our exceptional team is passionate and provide a range of services with a strong emphasis on continuity of care. Our services include health assessments, mental health, chronic disease management, skin checks and procedures, immunisations and more. There is a great opportunity for a GP to be involved in all aspects of our general practice. With an established client base, new patients locating to the area and only one other part time GP in town, your income is guaranteed.


Our mission is to provide a personalised and dedicated medical service, Treat with Respect, and provide evidence-based patient care incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness. Our belief is that there is no reason why one should settle for a medical service any different to an ‘old-style’ family General Practice. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation and are committed to promoting wellness and disease prevention to all of our clients. We are growing daily but there are no after hours or on call requirements.



Rosedale Family Medical Centre is privately owned and managed by an individual experienced in the provision of health care.



Our team of three experienced, professional and warm practitioners have a strong focus on providing the best possible outcomes for clients, using up to date, evidence-based treatment approaches with full autonomy. Our nursing and administrative staff are friendly, efficient and offer our GPs full clinical & administrative support. We are committed to furthering staff training and career development in a variety of pathways.



Rosedale Family Medical Centre is located in an RA2 area with an accompanying DWS status.

We can offer mentorship and/or level four supervision



We have four consulting rooms and a procedure room equipped for minor procedures and triage. Temperature control throughout.

Pathology services, and telehealth facilities are available on site. We have a large staff room and parking for both staff and patients.



Our clinic operates Monday to Friday: 08.30am to 5.30pm, with two part time doctors working 9.00am to 5.00pm most days, with an uninterrupted lunch break. The standard schedule appointment being 15mins, with longer consultations of 30 minutes scheduled where possible for new patients, and as requested by the GPs.



All doctors have their own consulting room and access to a large treatment / procedure room, equipped with an electric bed, oxygen cylinder, AED, vaccine fridge, sterile equipment and dressings for minor procedures. Services include excision of lesions, contraceptive insertions, wound management, ear syringing, immunisations and triage. Sterilisation is also carried out on the premises, with the option to use disposable equipment if preferred.



Administration support is available daily during opening hours, with modern systems and robust processes, Our practice is fully accredited with GPA under the RACGP 4th Edition. Day to day operations are overseen by the Office manager with an emphasis on optimising billing processes and Medicare claiming to assist patients.

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Currently we have two experienced RN’s that job share. Our nurses are competent to assist and provide support to our doctors and other team members in all aspects of general practice. Nurses provide phlebotomy services with courier collections twice daily.



We currently have a visiting dietician monthly who would be available to offer more services on a regular basis as necessary.

We also have a Dental clinic with practitioners on site daily.



We do not currently have visiting specialists but offer telehealth services for all specialists.



Services are referred to outside imaging providers with a travel distance approximately 20- 30kms , either travelling to Traralgon or Sale. Pathology is collected twice daily from the surgery.



We are currently providing, Chronic disease management, Mental health, skin screening, minor procedures, immunisations and acupuncture.



Our local population is approximately 2000 people, supplemented by the surrounding communities that contribute to our growing client base. Our patient demographic is predominantly English speaking, with a mix of ethnicities. Patients range from newborns through to young families, retirees and geriatric patients. There is a large family component to our patient base, supplemented by professionals attending from other communities.

The local industries span both white and blue collar, with a significant agriculture and production focus, aeronautics at the nearby RAAF base in Sale,  as well as many supporting enterprises both large and small.

A wide range of general conditions and chronic diseases are treated on a daily basis with preventative health an integral part of our care.



This clinic is a Mixed billing practice, Level B Consultation private fee is currently $80.00 with fees for skin procedures and treatments.



Scheduled allotted times for appointments are 15 minutes, 30 minutes for new patients. We ensure we have 4-6 appointments available each day for walk in patients or emergencies and trauma. Our doctors currently average four to six patients per hour and our female doctor currently has bookings three to four weeks in advance.



Rosedale is a pastoral and agricultural town 184 km East of Melbourne and is situated on the southern side of the La Trobe River. We have a growing population of 2000.  Rosedale is the gateway to the Gippsland Lakes and Ninety Mile Beaches on the South Eastern Coast. It enjoys unpolluted air and local shopping facilities including restaurants, bakery, take away shops, supermarket, pharmacy, post office and hotel. The town has community groups, sporting clubs and a library.

Rosedale is a friendly town with a kindergarten and primary school.  Private and public secondary schools nearby with transport available by bus or public transport.



Rosedale is 2.5 hours drive east of Melbourne in the Heart of Gippsland, we are situated between two major municipalities, with access to the Gippsland Lakes, High Country and South Gippsland Coastline. The region is culturally diverse and continues to grow and prosper, attracting state of the art new facilities and world class practitioners



We are happy to support an incoming GPs clinical interests as much as possible with patient referrals for GPs with skills in: Ageing Care, Skin cancers, mental health, mens health, paediatric and womens health



We are seeking a GP to become an integral member of our team. Unfortunately due to family reasons we have had a doctor depart, yet we are still experiencing strong patient demand. One of our current doctors is happy to reduce their days to assist an incoming GP to build up a client base and range of services.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to join our team at Rosedale Family Medical Centre. We provide exceptional patient care and support with the best possible outcomes for patients uppermost in our minds, whilst allowing time for your professional development and preferred specialty.



Guaranteed Income 65 - 70 % Income or hourly rate of $145.00 (open for discussion)

Preferably a 3 Year agreement, with review after qualifying period.

Flexibility with hours

Accommodation assistance may be available for a qualifying period of two months.

No After hours or On Call – If doctor wants to offer this service, we can accommodate.



We look forward to welcoming a doctor, who will bring their unique personal and professionalism to our team.

A DWS permanent or part time position is available, with flexibility for your ideal work life balance.


Mrs Elaine Ripper (Practice Manager)

Rosedale Family Medical Centre

Phone:  (03) 5199 2124

Mobile: 0428 977 368


Posted: 13th January 2019

Position Reference:  DY17090

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