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Corio Medical Centre - Corio (Near Geelong) VIC

Corio Medical Clinic are seeking the services of a permanent General Practitioner in Corio (near Geelong) in Victoria. Under the leadership of Professor Mark Kennedy, our medical practice has grown into a comprehensive medical facility, with 20 GPs and a broad range of Allied Health and Specialist Services.

Corio Medical Clinic is part of Northern Bay Health, a network of three general practices and a diabetes clinic operating across the Northern suburbs of Geelong, Victoria. Corio Medical Centre is one of the largest medical centres in Geelong and has been operating in the area for over 30years.

Our surgery has been well known, over many decades, for the reliable delivery of health outcomes to the community of Corio and surrounding suburbs. Our GP’s are very driven by the desire to make a difference to people’s health.

We are a training practice and have been for 20 years. Our supervisors are dedicated to making sure we have the best training available for the next generation of GP’s. As part of this drive for clinical excellence, Assoc Prof Mark Kennedy conducts weekly CPD lectures at our clinic, in a room dedicated for this purpose.

We aim to provide the highest possible quality care to patients attending our clinics, by ensuring excellence in all aspects of our practice. We endeavour to provide patients with the best and most current treatments, methods, materials and equipment within our resource capabilities to ensure that the patients receive the high quality of service they have come to expect.We believe that the patient comes first and encourage our patients to take control of their health by including them in the decision-making process.

Our clinic is accessible by public transport and is 1km from a main shopping centre.

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