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Permanent GP Vacancy - Lara (Geelong) VIC

Forest Road Medical Centre has a vacancy for a permanent general practitioner in Lara, near Geelong, only 40 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Our medical centre was established with a vision to provide quality and ethical healthcare, concentrating on surpassing normal healthcare standards and achieving positive results for our patients. Our practice aims to become a major contributor to the enhancement of healthcare service delivery, disease control and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Whilst doing so, we also take care to provide a remarkable level of hospitality to our patients, making their visit comfortable and family-like. In a short span of years our surgery has expanded to provide a diverse range of healthcare services and has become a one stop destination for the healthcare needs of our local community. We are offering a GP vacancy for medical professionals with a passion to help patients lead a healthy lifestyle and improve their ailing health. Join our passionate team to make a positive impact in the region.


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