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Berkeley Vale Medical Centre - (Central Coast) NSW

Berkeley Vale Medical Centre have a vacancy for a full time or part time permanent General Practitioner in our well-established medical practice near Tuggerah, on the Central Coast of NSW. Overwhelming patient demand and the pending retirement of one of our doctors has created this opportunity.

Any incoming doctor can be assured of a full patient schedule in our medical centre that has been established for 35 years. We have a reputation in the community as a caring family owned holistic practice and would welcome a GP who wishes to sink their roots into our small community.

Berkeley Vale Medical Centre was first established in 1987 on the shores of Tuggerah Lake in the Central Coast of NSW. We have two medical practices in close proximity to each other: Berkeley Vale Medical Centre and Jetty Medical Centre. Both of our medical centres operate largely as one with full electronic integration and our doctors routinely consult from both practices, according to the needs of their patients. We have developed a strong reputation in the local community for our longevity and high standard of holistic family medical care.

Berkeley Vale Medical Centre is positioned in a small shopping complex just 500 metres from the shores of Tuggerah Lake and nestled between the lakeside communities of Chittaway Bay and Berkeley Vale. We are a training practice with a regular annual crop of medical students and registrars working closely with our very experienced permanent GPs.

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