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Heroes Home Doctor - Torquay (VIC)

Heroes Home Doctor have the perfect GP position for you. Heroes is seeking the service of VR general practitioners for our home visit service, operating between Jan Juc and Grovedale, in the Torquay region of Victoria. We also have the capacity and patient demand to expand into other areas such as Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula or the Surf Coast Region for doctors who are interested. Rather than being trapped inside a dull surgery why not spend the day travelling around this beautiful part of the country, driving along the coastal roads between patients and taking in the amazing views.

We are an accredited innovative GP service bringing the Doctor back to the family and is the first service of its kind in Australia. Established in 2012, we provide a home-based GP service that is advantageous to both the patient and the GP. It enables patients to avoid leaving the house when they are feeling at their worst or waiting in GP clinics for long periods, worrying about being exposed to further illnesses. Our GPs get to see patients in their home environment and become a traditional family GP again. This helps aid management decisions and, from our experience to date, both patients and GPs prefer this method of healthcare delivery.

Our service is extremely flexible & allows you to work the hours YOU want. Work 1 day to 6 days a week, work 2 hours to 10 hours a day. Work in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula or the Surf Coast region - YOU choose! We make the job to suit YOU! Mixed billing practice with high remuneration, plus a car with Health Assistant/Driver provided for every doctor. Want to know more? Head to: or email​​​

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