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GP Vacancy - Glenelg, Adelaide SA

VR GPs beachside Glenelg South Australia no DWS private billing

Searching for your Dream Career? Partridge GP is here to help

A great opportunity is here for a GP passionate about comprehensive, professional, empowering and sustainable healthcare.

Join our happy and supportive team at PartridgeGP Glenelg.

Our GPs enjoy great income, mentoring, professional and personal growth, and opportunities to pursue their special interests.

You will have all the benefits of working in a purpose-built, private billing practice to provide better health care.

PartridgeGP has an extraordinary reputation and relationships with patients, the community and our non GP specialist and allied health colleagues.

Make Your Dream a Reality!

Send us a message, let’s catch up and discuss your needs and goals – coffee is on us!

Contact at: - our website - call Mrs Hayley Roberts 08 8295 3200 - email:

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