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Please complete the following form to submit your surgery details for placement as an Advertisement on our Surgery Sales Board. At the bottom of this form is a guide to completing your surgery profile and the information we are seeking in each section.

We understand the need for confidentiality in your sales process and much of the information contained in this form is for our administrative purposes only and will not appear on your advertisement. Your advertisement will not go live until we receive your formal approval of the final text.









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The following is a guide to completing your Surgery Profile. Much of the information provided is for administrative purposes only and will not be divulged to prospective buyers or included in any advertising. The items highlighted in Blue will be made available to prospective buyers.


Name of Surgery

Please provide the name of your surgery for admin purposes. It will not be included in any advertising.

Contact Name, Phone Number & email

Any contact with yourself will be in the strictest confidence.

Please provide contact details that will ensure privacy at your end.

Surgery Website

This is for our information only and will not be included in any advertising.

Surgery Address

Please provide surgery street address.


Medicare Status: Please advise whether your surgery has a District of Workforce Shortage or Area of Need status.

Surgery History: How long has your surgery been in operation? Provide a brief summary of your history.

Sale Terms: Is your business for sale or the premises as well? How long will principal remain to effect handover to new owners.

Ownership Structure: How is the business structured? Are you a sole owner or in a partnership? How many partners are involved?


What is your proximity to major population centres?

Describe your proximity to other health services such: as Allied Health, Imaging, Pathology, Specialists & Hospitals

Describe your positioning with respect to ease of access, available parking, proximity to public transport

Describe your positioning with respect to your visibility and your ability to attract passing trade.

Number of Doctors

Please provide the total number of doctors you have on staff and their Full Tike Equivalent.


Ownership: Are your premises purchased or leased?

Security of Tenure: When is your lease due to expire and what options exist for renewal?

Floor Space: What is the total floor area of the practice in square metres?

Surgery Layout: Please provide an overview of the surgery layout such as the number of rooms devoted to the following areas: GP consulting, treatment rooms, staff rooms, Allied Health & Specialist rooms, Pathology rooms, Radiology & Pharmacy.


Billing: Are you a Private or Bulk Billing practice? What do your charge for a standard consultation?

Patient Numbers: What is the total number of patient consultations for the last 12 months?

Annual Turnover: What is the total annual revenue of the practice?


Clinical Services: Describe the range of clinical services you provide

Allied Health: Describe In-house Allied Health Services

Specialists: List in-house Specialist services

Diagnostic: Describe any in-house pathology or radiology services


Computer Systems: Are you fully computerised? What Clinical and Admin systems do you use?

Surgery Hours: What are your surgery hours; Monday to Friday and weekends?

Accreditation: Please provide accreditation details and expiry date

Admin Staff: How many staff do you employ in the following areas: admin, reception, finance?

Nursing Staff: Please provide details of nursing staff onboard and whether they are RN or EN.

Setting The Pace
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