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Durham Road Clinic - Sunshine (Melbourne - Vic)

Durham Road Clinic in the inner Western Suburbs of Melbourne are seeking the services of a permanent GP. A lack of patients is the least of your concerns in this thriving, culturally diverse, suburban medical practice with patient numbers straining the capacity of our existing doctors to cope.

Durham Road Clinic has been established in the community for over 40 years and is the first and longest existing surgery in Sunshine. Patient care and evidence based practice is at the core of our philosophy in delivering both preventative and episodic healthcare. Our two principle doctors, that established the surgery 40 years ago, continue to actively care for patients to this day and have a loyal patient following that spans several generations.

We are undergoing a complete cosmetic refurbishment of the surgery but as it does not involve any structural changes this does not affect normal day to day patient care. Durham Road Clinic is only five minutes from the city trains, shopping centres, public hospitals, schools and the business hub of Sunshine.

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