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Kingsthorpe Medical - Kingsthorpe (Near Toowoomba) Brisbane QLD

Kingsthorpe Medical is seeking a new permanent General Practitioner to join our brand new Medical Practice in the semi rural community of Kingsthorpe, near Toowoomba. Established in response to significant unmet patient demand in the area, our medical practice will be the most comprehensive medical facility west of Toowoomba and is expected to service many of the surrounding rural communities. Kingsthorpe Medical is a brand-new purpose build medical centre located within an equally new local shopping centre that has been established in the centre of Kingsthorpe. The shopping centre and our medical practice are both scheduled to open on 10th December 2018. Our surgery will have the capacity for 2 GPs and a full time practice nurse. Arrangements are in place to include a wide range of allied health and specialist services such as dietitian, exercise physiologist, diabetic educator, physio, psychologist and podiatrist.

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